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Tax Organizer Forms

Note for 2009 tax returns. All Maryland State tax returns are required to be electronically filed. Click Here for our new client special coupon which includes a Federal 1040 and state tax preparation with state e-filing. We have provided these links to the older 2008 Maryland Tax forms for your reference. The information provided therein is subject to the terms and conditions of the provider, the Comptroller of Maryland.

Bookmark This Page, as we will continuously update as additional forms become available for the tax year.

Download Instructions: Click on the link(s) below to download the PDF file. If your download does not start automatically, right click the file name and choose the ‘save-as’ option.

1                  Personal Information
2                  Questions (1 of 4 pages)
3                  Questions (2 of 4 pages)
4                  Questions (3 of 4 pages)
5                  Questions (4 of 4 pages)
6                  Dependents and Wages
7                  Interest Income
8                  Dividend Income
9                  Foreign Assets (1 of 2 pages)
10                Foreign Assets (2 of 2 pages)
11                Business Income and Cost of Goods Sold
12                Business Expenses and Property & Equipment
13                Business Expenses – Vehicle and Other Listed Property
14                Business Use of Home
15                Sales of Stocks, Securities, Capital Assets & Installment Sales
16                Sale of Your Home and Moving Expenses
17                Rental and Royalty Income and Expenses
18                Rental and Royalty Property and Equipment & Depletion
19                Rental and Royalty Vehicle and Other Listed Property
20                Farm Income
21                Farm Expenses and Property & Equipment
22                Miscellaneous Income, Adjustments and Alimony
23                Miscellaneous Adjustments
24                Itemized Deductions – Medical and Taxes
25                Itemized Deductions – Mortgage Interest and Points
26                Itemized Deductions – Contributions
27                Itemized Deductions – Miscellaneous
28                Employee Business Expenses
29                Employee Business Expenses – Business Use of Home
30                Child-Dependent Care Expenses & Education Expenses
31                Federal Tax Payments
32                Foreign Employment Information (1 of 3 pages)
33                Foreign Employment Information (2 of 3 pages)
34                Foreign Employment Information (3 of 3 pages)
35                Foreign Housing Expenses Worksheet
36                Foreign Travel and Workdays Information Worksheet
37                Foreign Wages and Other Income (1 of 2 pages)
38                Foreign Wages and Other Income (2 of 2 pages)
39                Foreign Wages and Other Income Worksheet
40                Foreign Taxes
41                Detail Depreciation
42                Additional Information